Some Of Our Favourite Summer Marketing Campaigns

August 9, 2017

Summer has arrived. At least, that’s what the calendar told us – even if the weather is throwing a bit of a wobbly about the whole thing! Therefore, we thought it only fitting to share with you some of our favourite summer marketing campaigns from over the last few years. How many of these have you spotted?

1. Coca-Cola – “Share A Drink”


Arguably one of the most infamous marketing campaigns to date, Coca-Cola launched their “Share A Drink” campaign back in 2014 (is that it?) encouraging people to find their names, and their friends names on the bottles. The campaign went viral, with people posting images of their drinks across social media and using the hashtag: #ShareaCoke – which is now so popular, Twitter has assigned it it’s very own Coca-Cola hashtag triggered emoji every time you post a tweet with it.


Recently, Coca-Cola have been at it again, giving away free holidays depending on the location named on your coke bottle. This again has created a social media frenzy, with people tweeting about their coke bottles and expressing their dreams of winning the free holiday.


Well done Coca-Cola, we salute you!

Share A Coke

2. Sprite Showers 

One of our favourite marketing campaigns for the summer was the Sprite showers on a beach in Brazil, back in 2012. The showers were branded to look like drink dispensers found in your local McDonalds or other fast food restaurants (all of the same quality – if you like that type of thing of course!). The only let down for us? The showers didn’t actually cover you in Sprite. But hey, you can’t have it all!


(If you think this is a genius idea, don’t forget to check out our sister company, ECHO, a sponsorship brokerage who can help you bring your creative ideas to life in a similar way!)

Sprite Showers



3. Lipton Ice Tea – “Let’s Go!”

Launching this year, Lipton Ice Tea started their “Let’s Go” summer campaign, working with an experiential agency ‘iD’. Working together, the two companies transformed urban spaces into areas where people could come together and relax on beanbags whilst enjoying a Lipton Ice Tea with their friends. The road trip lasted for a grand total of 23 days, working its way across the UK.


But why do we love this campaign? Because they so cleverly tied it in with their TV ad currently running on our screens about the best place to enjoy a Lipton Ice Tea. So, in case you couldn’t find the perfect place, they created one for you!

Lipton Ice Tea



Summer is a time for bright, vibrant and fun marketing campaigns, which capitalize on the nations upbeat attitude brought about by the sunshine. We feel these marketing campaigns truly capture this summer spirit. If you want to find your own way of using the summer season to create truly creative marketing campaigns, don’t forget to contact us on: or visit our website to find out more about our services:

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