Top 3 Food Rebrands From Our Head Of Design

August 2, 2017

The world basically revolves around food, particularly in our office. People’s relationships with food and with the brands that create them is an interesting one.  But have you ever thought about how the brand’s design convey their brand position? Rebrands are an important part of the food industry and an important part in ensuring brands stay current. So, we got our Head of Design to take us through some of his top food industry rebrands.



Now known as Giraffe World Kitchen, the UK chain of restaurants rebranded with a new identity and brand positioning to appeal to a wider audience. Originally launched by a husband and wife team, the popular restaurant chain has grown to include 50 restaurants. Now targeting ‘the family market and then Millennials once the families go to sleep’ the latest rebrand centres around a ‘taste a whole new world’ theme, reflecting its roots of travelling the globe in search of the best dishes.

The rebrand is a fresh and modern take and appeals to both millennials and families. The type face is representative of hand painted signs from small independent restaurants – a nod to their humble roots. Whilst the vibrant range of colours conveys a versatile and playful nature, which can easily be applied to many platforms to help tell the story of their dishes.

deliveroo rebrand
deliveroo rebrand




This little Roo is well known for delivering people their favourite guilty pleasures right to their door. Established in 2013, their new and more simplistic logo, is a less literal take on the previous white kangaroo with their hero teal colour. The new design marks a serious point in Deliveroo’s journey, with Deliveroo, themselves saying they never saw themselves running an advertising campaign, or have a kit that was worn by thousands across 12 countries. They wanted a brand to help celebrate their love (and our love for that matter) of food and signify its evolution as a brand. Now with its vibrant range of colour combinations, clean typography and flexible application, it makes for a fun, bold and eye catching logo, whilst still in keeping with the character and charm of the Roo.


deliveroo rebrand



Good Grain


In collaboration with Robot Food, Good Grain have aptly stated they wanted to ‘go against the grain’ for their latest rebrand. With the sales of cereals falling due to changing eating habits and a change in consumer perception around the actual ‘health’ benefits of cereal – Good Grain set about a rebrand with the aim of creating bright new branding that gives the cereal some healthy credibility.

With the strapline ‘Good Grain, Good You’ the packaging is incredibly simple. Using just the logo, the contents of the bowl set on a vibrant background colour – it really gives a ‘no fuss feel’. There’s no cramming of information, which in turn conveys their 100% natural ingredients inside. The result is a fresh, healthy, natural and fun look which in turn is flexible and can be used in any future products and variations.






Rebrands are an important part in ensuring you are still on track. Brand audits and reviews must be conducted regularly to ensure you are where you want to be. If you’re interested in a rebrand, contact us at or for all the latest news and updates follow us on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter.

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