Beyond Impact - White Paper

This case study highlights how we created a White Paper for Beyond Impact, focusing on the UK plant-based market. We implemented a data-driven marketing strategy using HubSpot's CRM platform, resulting in significant page views, form submissions, and new contacts, demonstrating the effectiveness of educational content in attracting and engaging a targeted audience.

Services Provided:  
Written and designed White Paper with additional marketing.
Beyond Impact

Beyond Impact, established in 2017, aims to foster investments in vegan and cruelty-free products and services to reduce humanity's reliance on animal slaughter. We created a White Paper titled "Rise of UK Plant-Based Market" for Beyond Impact to facilitate awareness and engagement. This case study explores our approach to developing the White Paper and implementing a data-driven marketing strategy using HubSpot's CRM platform.

The primary objective of the White Paper was to provide valuable insights into the growth of the UK plant-based market. By showcasing market trends, consumer preferences, and business opportunities, we aimed to educate and engage potential investors.

We created a landing page on Beyond Impact's CRM platform, HubSpot, to generate leads and capture valuable data. The landing page required visitors to provide their details to download the White Paper, enabling us to collect information for retargeting purposes. We then marketed this across email marketing and organic social media.  

We tracked various metrics to gain insights into the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. The following data points were collected:

  • Page Views: 126 page views were recorded, indicating significant interest in the White Paper.
  • Form Submissions: 32 visitors completed the form, indicating their willingness to provide details in exchange for educational content.
  • New Contacts: The landing page led to the acquisition of 10 new contacts, expanding Beyond Impact's potential network.
  • Time Spent per Page View: On average, visitors spent 3.5 minutes per page view, indicating an engaged and attentive audience. The average time that a site visitor spends on a webpage is 52 seconds, this shows how enaged our audience was. 

To understand the Impact of different marketing channels, we analysed the data based on the source of traffic:

  • Email Marketing: 53 page views originated from our email marketing efforts, resulting in 21 form submissions with an average duration of 8.3 minutes per page view.
  • Direct Traffic: 49 page views resulted from direct traffic, leading to three form submissions with an average duration of 99 seconds per page.
  • Referrals: 12 page views were referred by external sources, generating three form submissions with an average duration of 105 seconds per page view.
  • Organic Social: 12 page views were driven by organic social media efforts, resulting in five form submissions with an average of 5.1 minutes per page.

The data collected from the landing page provided valuable insights into the preferences and engagement levels of the audience. Key observations include:

  • Email marketing was a successful channel, generating many page views and form submissions, indicating an engaged audience.
  • Organic social media efforts attracted a smaller audience but resulted in longer average page view durations, suggesting higher interest.
  • While relatively lower in numbers, direct traffic and referrals still contributed to lead generation and engagement.

Creating the White Paper and implementing a data-driven marketing strategy successfully promoted Beyond Impact's mission and engaged a targeted audience. The landing page allowed us to collect valuable data for retargeting purposes, generating insights into visitor behaviour and preferences. The metrics obtained, including page views, form submissions, and average time spent, provided actionable insights for future marketing campaigns. By focusing on educational content and aligning marketing efforts with the audience's interests, we effectively showcase Beyond Impact's mission and attract potential investors to the plant-based market.

Overall, this case study highlights the power of data-driven marketing in capturing audience interest and generating valuable leads. We are curfrently working on another White Paper for the US vegan market due to the success of the first. If you are interested in outsourcing your branding, website or additional marketing activity, including paid advertising, please get in touch at