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Boom & Partners asked Creative Pod to create and implement their brand along with a dynamic website with great performance no matter where you are in the world!

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Branding & Website Design
Boom & Partners

It is always an exciting moment when a new client comes to us with just a business idea, brand name and a list of services they offer. As a team of designers and marketers, our imaginations can often lead to exciting avenues and some quite frankly bonkers ideas! Kevin Smith, the founder of Boom & Partners, wanted our help and expertise to create a fresh brand and website for his business advisory service. Kevin wanted the brand and website to reflect energy around the startup industry while offering friendly, helpful and professional advice. Boom & Partners operates as a team of experts in specialist business areas, providing access to resources such as help with business plans, pitch decks or gaining finance and fundraising.

The brand

After our initial meeting with Kevin, we could see an opportunity to create something unique that would set him apart from his competitors. Typically with any design project, we start with the brand, which would lead us onto the website. Naturally, a brand is a powerful place to start as it can often set the tone for the future of any business. As part of our branding process, we work to three stages of design. This includes initial concepts and ideas and a build stage where we choose three of our concepts and develop them further. The final step is applying the three concepts onto elements such as stationery items or physical products. This allows us to push the concepts and see where they might need more work or further tweaking. When working on a branding project, we keep in mind the different applications and work across all platforms from digital media to print. It is incredibly important to consider the brand in all environments it could potentially be used in the future.

Initial concept business cards for Boom & Partners

Once we had our three ideas developed further and pushed them to their limits, we presented Kevin with our designs, explaining the journey behind each one of them – how we got to the design, how it works and why it works. One of the brands was a clear winner; it has a strong narrative behind it and uses subtle elements to enclose the logo.

With the brand agreed and finalised we produced a set of brand guidelines, these ensure the brand can be implemented correctly by a 3rd party such as art workers of publications.

The finalised brand Boom & Partners

The website

It was now time to move onto the website side of the project, with the brand, colours and typefaces finalised it meant the design for the website would flow naturally. The brief was to keep the site simple, easy to use and navigate, and also host Kevin’s articles, video and radio interviews. The website also needed to display the services on offer, explain the benefits of Boom & Partners and information about the business.

When starting the design, we wanted to ensure the site speed was super speedy. To do this we used SVG (scalable vector graphics) rather than images to tell the story. We developed a style of illustration that would fit around the brand and messages and kept the homepage simple, fast loading and of course, responsive (mobile-friendly). The benefits of a fast site are immense. Kevin, who is often at networking and public speaking events could simply load the homepage on mobile data in under 1 second, and the entire site can load in just 2.5 seconds.

Homepage design for Boom & Partners

The success of Webflow

As a digital agency, our preferred tool for building websites is Webflow, and we are seeing our clients also enjoy the simplicity of using its powerful CMS (content management system) tool. Kevin has been one of our most active clients on Webflow. He has been adding weekly news articles and video clips, editing the pages and content where and when needed. He didn't have any previous CMS experience such as WordPress, but has found it all very easy and intuitive.

The website has been live since the start of 2020 and has delivered some strong results on Google Analytics that show we are attracting visitors from all over the world, people are finding the site helpful, and the weekly articles are enabling weekly returning visitors. The project has been great to work on; it truly shows if you allow your creative team to take the lead and let them guide you, you will get the best results!

You can visit the website here 👉

“The Creative Pod team have been great every step of the way, everyone was extremely friendly, hard-working, creative and met very tight deadlines. They went over and above what I might have expected and the end result has had very good feedback. Thank you"

Kevin Smith - Boom & Partners, Founder

The performant website for Boom & Partners

If you are interested in finding out more about our brand design, website design and build services, or both please get in touch with us today we’d be happy to help.