Brighton Christmas Festival

This was a fascinating PPC project with Brighton Christmas Festival to help increase brand awareness in the weeks prior to Christmas.

Services Provided:  
Brighton Christmas Festival


Our objectives were to help increase brand awareness, drive footfall and generate ticket sales for the following individual events using pay per click digital marketing methods. There were also big gaps between weekday shows and weekend shows that we needed to help with:

  • Generic (all events) promoting the festival
  • Santa's grotto
  • Aladdin pantomime
  • Eurovibes party
  • Christmas village / Elves show  

We also helped promote their Black Friday sale to help push lower performing shows, particularly Boxing Day. Featuring 25% discount on specific dates


  • Female only for all audiences (excluding) Eurovibes aged 25+
  • Parents
  • Families
  • Eurovibes (Men and women 20+)
  • Brighton, Hove, Sussex, London, Kent, Southampton

What was put in place:

Google Search ads/ Display ads
Facebook/ Instagram image ads and carousel ads (6 in total)

What happened throughout the campaign:

We regularly reviewed and optimised the ads throughout the month. We noticed and reacted to the fact that the demographic that began attending the event was much younger rather than families with children, so we tweaked the ads to reflect this. We also reacted to the Eurovibes ads as we expanded the audience reach for this and created custom ‘hen do’ and ‘hen night’ ads to help drive traffic. Each week we would provide a weekly review of the ads and how the impressions, clicks and conversions were looking. At the end of the campaign we then provided an overview of all the statistics and some thoughts to next years festival.


  • Paid social media - Google
  • Total impressions - 239,154
  • Clicks - 37,151
  • CTR - 13.96%

Paid social media - Facebook / Insta

  • Link clicks - 3,552
  • Total impressions - 955,868
  • Reach - 124,163
  • Clicks - 11,791
  • CTR - 1.26%

Paid social media - Engagement

Facebook Ads:

  • Post reactions - 338
  • Post comments - 134
  • Post saves - 53
  • Post shares - 47

Website - Traffic

  • Page views - 300,096

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