Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

In October 2022, we began working with Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare. The charity is self-funded, meaning they must raise all the money needed to support and care for the 400+ animals in their care. To continue providing the best care, their goals were to increase their audience reach, spread awareness of their charity and, most importantly, increase their donations.

Services Provided:  
Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare


After much thought on effective ways to raise awareness and boost donations, we proposed establishing a partnership between Raystede and Bagelman. We previously worked with Bagelman on the rebrand and launch of their St. James' Street store, and from working closely with Jo, the Founder, we realised she already had a close connection to Raystede. Jo had followed and supported the charity for many years and intended to adopt her next dog from the sanctuary, so the connection felt right!

In this proposed partnership, Bagelman stores would feature the sale of dog treats, and 100% of the profits generated would be directed towards supporting Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in their mission to care for animals. Once the collaboration was finalised, the next step involved identifying the ideal supplier for the dog biscuits. After reaching out to various brands, LoveChloe emerged as the perfect fit, aligning with Raystede's goal of providing animals with the healthiest and most natural treats, all while tasting amazing, and looking good!


Raystede: Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare is a charity that aims to give animals a better life through rehoming, rehabilitation and sanctuary. They provide people with the support and knowledge they need to treat animals with care and respect. They care for up to 400 animals daily, including cats, horses, dogs, rabbits, hens, exotic birds and more. They provide love and safety to those animals with nowhere else to go.

Bagelman: Bagelman first opened in 1999, and is run by businesswoman Jo Prior. Starting with one store on Bond Street, there are now 3 dine in bagel restaurants available throughout Brighton and Hove. 

Love Chloe: LoveChloe, a venture initiated by founder Eve Entwisle, specialises in crafting delicious and natural dog-friendly biscuits and treats. The company originated when Eve, inspired by her dog's stomach sensitivities, decided to create treats that her pup enjoyed and didn’t harm her. The result was a resounding success, resonating with thousands of other dog parents.

Marketing and Design Activity 

To promote this collaborative initiative, our graphic designer crafted a unique logo that seamlessly integrated the branding of all three entities - Raystede, Bagelman, and LoveChloe.

To generate buzz about the exciting new partnership, we strategically distributed a focused press release in the Brighton and Hove area, targeting locals who frequently visit Bagelman. This aimed to provide insight into how their treat purchases contribute to a meaningful cause. It was picked up by Scene and The Argus as well as being repurposed for Raystede’s website. All three brands promoted the treat sales on social media platforms, gaining further community support.


Overall, the collaboration among Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, Bagelman, and LoveChloe not only heightened awareness of the charity within Brighton and Hove but also established a consistent monthly stream of donations from Bagelman.

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