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We looked to implement a social media presence and saw the need for a modern website to showcase their projects and capabilities effectively.

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Web Design & Marketing
Joyce Groundwork


Joyce Groundwork, established in 1993, is a family-run independent groundwork business that has positioned itself as a market leader in residential construction. The company operates across the home counties, undertaking various projects in the residential construction sector.


In February 2021, Joyce Groundwork sought to enhance its online presence and engage with a broader audience. We looked to implement a social media presence and saw the need for a modern website to showcase their projects and capabilities effectively.

Solution: Social Media Strategy and Content Creation:

A social media strategy was developed to address Joyce Groundwork's online presence. The company's social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, were created and managed to establish a consistent and engaging brand presence.

Statistics as of December 2023:

  • Instagram: 2,502 followers
  • Facebook: 2,700 followers
  • LinkedIn: 2,455 followers

Proactive and reactive content creation became a key focus. Multiple content days were organised, allowing for the creation of high-quality static images and video content directly from project sites. This approach not only showcased the company's work but also highlighted the dedication and professionalism of the Joyce Groundwork team.

Design Work and Event Coordination:

In addition to content creation, the team assisted Joyce Groundwork with design work, including banners and printed materials. This ensured a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity across various platforms.

Recognising the importance of in-person engagement, the team organised the company's participation in job fairs and summer work events. This expanded the company's network and provided opportunities for face-to-face interactions with potential clients and partners.

Website Overhaul:

Understanding the significance of a modern and user-friendly website, the team created a new website for Joyce Groundwork. The website was designed to be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and informative. It effectively showcased the company's services and contact information.


The implementation of the social media strategy and the creation of a new website have yielded significant results for Joyce Groundwork:

  • Increased social media following: Instagram (2,502), Facebook (2,700), LinkedIn (2,455).
  • Enhanced brand visibility and recognition.
  • Engaging content showcasing projects and expertise.
  • Professional design works for a consistent brand identity.
  • Successful participation in job fairs expanding the company's network.
  • A modern and user-friendly website providing a comprehensive online presence.


Joyce Groundwork has positioned itself as a prominent player in the residential construction sector by combining strategic social media management, content creation, design work, and a website overhaul. The company continues to leverage its online presence to connect with the community, showcase its capabilities, and attract new business opportunities. This case study highlights the importance of a holistic approach to online branding and its positive impact on a family-run business.

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