Lee Wilcox / On The Tools

Boosting the personal profile of Lee Wilcox

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Lee Wilcox / On The Tools

Lee Wilcox, CEO to social media powerhouse On The Tools, approached Creative Pod last year looking for assistance with his personal PR. We were also thrilled when at the start of this year, On The Tools also asked us to take over there corporate PR.

The creative content agency already boasted the largest online construction community in the UK, with over a staggering 2.5 million followers on Facebook and over 2 billion views across their channel, but needed the help of CreativePod to help boost his personal profile, and to secure relevant press and speaking opportunities, and to support the On The Tools empire. 

The brief we were given largely focused on increasing the awareness and public knowledge of Lee as the CEO of the business, through increased speaking opportunities, award nominations and event attendance, and press exposure. Below are some of the publications Lee has been featured in since working with us, as well as a segment on LBC Iain Dale’s The Whole Show, which is available to listen to below (skip to 73:00 for Lee).

Iain Dale Show - LBC Podcast

Lee’s last point to brief us on was to finally get him on to Strictly Come Dancing - although we’re still working on that one. Watch this space!