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Optime Group is a contemporary recruitment company working towards modernising the recruitment process for people who are looking for work and businesses looking for staff within the aviation, food ad manufacturing, industrial, hospitality and retail sectors.

They came to us with a specific goal they wanted to achieve – which was simply, to increase signups from job applicants through organic website traffic. Their site at the time of our initial meeting was aimed towards employers rather than employees or applicants, this was leading to phone calls and emails from users not being able to navigate to relevant pages on the site they wanted to find.

We spent some time looking through their old site and began planing a new sitemap, that would work to simplify the site navigation options and give the user fewer options. Yes, that’s right...fewer options! Believe it or not, less options are actually better – Especially when it comes to giving users simple and clear direction.

With a new sitemap, we were able to start on creating a fresh new design. From the outset, we knew it had to be bold and clear on the homepage. During the research period, we identified the old site had no direction for users, which ended up confusing them and led to phone calls or emails that created more work for the team at Optime Group. So we decided we needed to ask the user from the offset where do you want to go? We gave the user two options...are you looking for jobs? (applicants) or are you looking for people? (employees).

As you can see from the new website 👉 www.optimegroup.co.uk

The new direction was from a user-centred design approach (UCD), putting the user first and giving them the information they needed from the start, speeding up the application process and simplifying the instructions of the application pages. We used the brand colours throughout the site to help keep the site looking great throughout; introducing a secondary colour palette to add some more visual interest to key information and buttons. The site was designed using Sketch, prototyped using Invision and built in house using Webflow.

The website has been live since mid-September and has seen an increase in traffic by 47% in the first month with over 30 applicants uploading CVs through the website.

Anthony Young - Managing Director of Optime Group said:

“Working with Creative Pod was an excellent experience, we loved the fresh user-first approach to our new website. The project has been managed very efficiently and has given us a greater platform to grow our business from.”

Creative Pod - Sussex Responsive Web Design
The New Optime Group Website – Desktop and Mobile

Thanks to Optime Group for allowing us to design and create a new website for them, we have enjoyed working with them on this project. If you are interested in finding out more about our website design and build services please get in touch with us today.