Pick Your Own (PYO) Energy

We began working with PYO Energy in August 2023 and have provided several services, including a rebrand and website design.

Services Provided:  
Rebrand and Website Design, including new logo design, fonts and graphic language.
Pick Your Own

About PYO

PYO was set up by a group of business owners and directors, with a leading contractor in the field, with a simple, clear objective - to get businesses a better deal on their utility contracts. They want to become a central resource for businesses on all their facilities, utilities, telecoms, and POS systems. 

Their team comprises a diverse array of professionals, including business owners and directors in sectors such as the hotel and hospitality industry, utilities, and various service industries. They possess a deep understanding of the challenges associated with managing businesses, whether it be small-scale enterprises, or large corporations with numerous locations and high turnovers. 

The Brief

Our brief was to overhaul the existing brand, and give it a new lease of life, introducing a new logo, look, and feel. They wanted their new brand to be bold, brash, and fun to attract new customers. 

The Logo

This is where the creative journey commences! Our team took the reins once the initial onboarding process was complete, and initiated her design process. When working with new clients on a rebrand project, we present three distinct design options as part of our standard offering, including: 

  1. The conservative route - this is what we call the more ‘safe’ and traditional option. The design will be a minimal concept and has a paired back design. 
  2. Middle of the pack - something that is modern, clean and fresh, but perhaps has a fun twist, or more playful concept. 
  3. Wild card - something that is completely different, unique, bold, and fun. Breaking free from any stereotypical designs within their sector. 

PYO went for option two! The new logo introduces a hand icon in the shape of an O to form PYO, and sits above the word ‘energy’, which is highlighted in a different colour, that puts a direct focus on the product and the name of the business can be read clearly.

Graphic Language

Alongside the new logo, the team introduced graphic language and designs to support the brand, which can be used across their marketing assets. 

This included circles, arrows, underlines, and arrow bursts (as shown below) and PYO Emotes, which are PYO’s versions of expressive emojis, featuring happy, shocked, laughing, star struck, and sleepy versions. These fun and bold Emotes are a fantastic way to connect and engage with their customers. For example, if the marketing team were running paid social ads for PYO, they could quite easily address pain points for their customers, by using the shocked or angry Emotes, or equally if they were highlighting a testimonial from an existing client, they could use a happy Emote. 

Right from the start, PYO made it clear that they had no intention of having a dull and uninspiring brand. Their goal was to make it distinctive and unique. By using graphic language and Emotes to establish connections with potential customers, they are breaking away from the conventional approach taken by most other energy companies.


It was an absolute pleasure helping PYO establish their new identity and we are excited to see the new brand and logo out there in the world. 

We are now working with the team to design and build them a new website.

We love working on projects like these, so if you need help with any of our services, get in touch - hello@creativepod.net | 01293 908 100.