Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

We began working with Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in October 2022 and have provided several services, primarily focusing on press release distribution, campaign planning, brand collaborations and digital design.

Services Provided:  
Press release distribution, campaign planning and collaborations
Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare


Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare is a charity that aims to give animals a better life through rehoming, rehabilitation and sanctuary. They provide people with the support and knowledge they need to treat animals with care and respect. They care for up to 400 animals daily, including cats, horses, dogs, rabbits, hens, exotic birds and more. They provide love and safety to those animals with nowhere else to go.

We began working with Raystede in October 2022 to help them reach new audiences, increase engagement, and regular donations. Although we have worked with Raystede across different areas of marketing, this particular case study focuses on press release content and successful distribution. 


One of Raystede’s main objectives was to educate people on animal welfare and, in doing so, expand their networks through press releases. Therefore, we implemented a strategy with campaign ideas that could be implemented and achieved over a ten-month period. 


  1. Lookalike Competition 

We kicked off the first campaign in January 2023. We ran a Lookalike Competition, encouraging people to send a photo of themselves with their pet, whom they look alike, including the hashtag #RaystedeLookalikeComp to win an exclusive, personalised portrait of their pet. 

The purpose of this competition was to encourage engagement and increase brand awareness in East and West Sussex, Kent and Tunbridge Wells. Alongside running paid Facebook and Instagram ads, we drafted and distributed a press release to reach new audiences and spread the word about this fun competition. 

We were delighted to have the press release distributed across several publications, including The Argus, Index Digital, Yahoo, More Radio and Yahoo Sport

  1. Family Learning Days 

Over the Easter holidays, Raystede hosted a series of ‘egg’citing easter egg hunts to encourage children and families to get involved and learn about animals. As people took part they found egg-shaped boards around the trail and at every reveal, they discovered a fun fact about one of the animals Raystede cares for.

In light of this, we drafted a press release to encourage people to come along and get involved and this was distributed across Sussex Express, Family Grapevine, and Hailsham News. Furthermore, BBC Radio Sussex reached out to do an exclusive interview with Raystede to be the Guest of the Day on the show to discuss the family learning days. 

  1. Adoption Information Mornings 

Raystede hosted a series of adoption information mornings for individuals and families considering adopting a rescue pet. The team welcomed people to the on-site cafe and this gave them the opportunity to learn about pet adoption, ask questions, and engage with the friendly Education, Rehoming and Visitor Information teams.  

Again, we wanted to increase awareness about these mornings by having local coverage. Therefore, we distributed a targeted press release and South East Online, V2 Radio, Bexhill News, and Hailsham News picked it up. 

After establishing a good relationship with BBC Radio Sussex, they contacted the team again to do a second interview!  

Our collaboration with Raystede has yielded remarkable results, prominently elevating their engagement and awareness to new audiences via our press release distribution efforts.

Working with Raystede highlights how press release content can be a powerful marketing tool to achieve the following: 

  • Publicity and exposure 
  • Lead generation 
  • Brand recognition 
  • Audience reach
  • Media relationships 
  • Multichannel approaches 
  • Press releases can be repurposed for various marketing channels, including your website, blog, email newsletters, and more

It's important to ensure that your press releases are well-written, newsworthy, and tailored to your target audience for maximum effectiveness. We continue to work with Raystede and have multiple exciting campaigns in the pipeline! Get in touch if you need help with your press release strategy - hello@creativepod.net | 01293 908 100.