Sally Gunnells Run Club

Sally Gunnell wanted us to help create a campaign to improve people's physical wellbeing during lockdown!

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Web page design, social media marketing, instagram live, google analytics reporting, social media reports
Sally Gunnell

We all know Sally Gunnell OBE, who remains the only woman in history to concurrently hold four major track titles. Since deciding to retire from her glittering athletics career, Sally has turned her hand to focusing on people’s health & wellbeing.

The Idea

During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sally was desperate to give back to the community and help people to maximise (at this point during lockdown) their one and only daily outdoor exercise. This led to Sally establishing the “Sally Gunnell Run Club”, a weekly running club consisting of 3 different running plans and routines for each week.

The lockdown measures were implemented quite suddenly which meant Creative Pod had a very limited time-frame to implement the plan and were able to do so in just 2 days. The talented team here at Creative Pod created a dynamic web page with a pane for each weekly update of the run club.

The Campaign

Each week the programmes went out every Monday on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the #sallygunnellsrunclub.  People were encouraged to use the #sallygunnellsrunclub so they could interact with Sally and show their progress throughout the program.

One of the instagram posts from the campaign

The run club page featured a welcome video from Sally herself and each weekly workout plan was also accompanied by a video from Sally with some advice for the coming week as well as some positive words of encouragement. Sally prides herself on promoting not just physical health but mental wellbeing also, so it was important that people felt like they were being supported.

The run club landing page

Each weekly run club page also featured an embedded Spotify player with a running playlist compiled on behalf of Sally with some of her favourite songs to run to as well as a few of ours!

The Results

The campaign on the website gained huge interest with hundreds of unique visitors to the site, the progress of the campaign was tracked via Google analytics so we could keep track of how it was doing. The Run Club campaign pages made up 38% of the pageviews for that period and the average session length for the weekly session pages was 00:01:25 which is an increase of over 225% on the average duration. These numbers show that people really engaged with the content and there was a huge swell of support from everyone. Sally also received really impressive engagement on all social media profiles as well with a huge increase in the number of followers. Sally received 202 new followers on Twitter compared to 97 in the previous month; an increase of 108%. On top of this, Sally saw an increase of 11% in her Facebook likes and 700 new followers on Instagram compared to 260 in the previous month; an increase of 169%. The campaign was such a success that we decided, with Sally, to extend it for a further 2 weeks to help support people during lockdown.

This is a great example of Creative Pod working with a client on a kernel of an idea from the start to create a bespoke campaign with an exciting dynamic social media marketing strategy, web pages with a vibrant and eye catching design and full analytic reports to outline the successes of the campaign with the client.

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