Skern Training & Skills

Skern Training and Skills are a national, independent training provider based in North Devon.

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Web Design and Social Media
Skern Training & Skills


Skern Training and Skills are a national, independent training provider based in North Devon. The company has been delivering first-class apprenticeship support for almost 50 years, and are part of the Inspiring Learning group. They offer employers a full end-to-end service to train their apprentices to excel within the company, as well as providing behavioural programmes to align employees with the unique values and visions of the organisation.


Skern Training and Skills originally came to Creative Pod for marketing support in June 2021. As part of Inspiring Learning, they wanted to elevate Skern Training and Skills to the next level within the umbrella organisation. Our main aims and objectives were to increase brand awareness through social media, and to break down employer preconceptions about having apprentices.

After working together for nearly a year, we began redesigning their website. The previous website didn’t clearly communicate the unique and varied support that Skern can provide, and the speed at which the website was built meant it lacked professionalism and design flair.

Solution and results

One of the first things we did with Skern’s social media marketing was to create aesthetically appealing graphics using their brand guidelines, on which we could display engaging content about apprenticeship misconceptions, client testimonials, and images from their training days.

We also worked to clearly highlight the different services that the organisation offers, and why these services would be beneficial to the employer.  We also established clear call to actions for each post with links through to the website, and relevant hashtags to expand the audience.

Within 9 months of running Skern Training and Skills’ LinkedIn activity, we had increased their page following by 25%, and had gone from an average monthly impression rate of just over 3,000, to almost 6,000 per month. We also increased the monthly post click throughs to their website by 56%.

Having substantially increased brand awareness and website views, the time was right to develop a new website. The design team worked on the structure and layout of the website to clearly display information for the two different audiences; employers considering hiring apprentices, and apprentices in need of support. The information and approach to each audience needed to be very different, so we opted to split the audiences on the navigation bar along the top, so that visitors could easily find the information they needed.

We designed a very clean and clear interface with lots of white space to complement the great photography Skern have, and allow for easily digestible information. We took a strong focus on the interaction design throughout the website to create a more engaging experience and provide moments of delight for visitors.. As the Skern team are comfortable using Webflow, we created a modular system of page sections so they are able to create additional pages themselves, providing optimal flexibility and self-sufficiency.

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