The British Parking Association

The British Parking Association wanted to showcase their various initiatives online and offline.

Services Provided:  
Marketing & Design
The British Parking Association


The British Parking Association (BPA) is a non-profit membership association dedicated to representing the UK's parking and mobility sector. Focused on delivering high-quality services for the benefit of society and the environment, BPA sought to elevate its online presence to improve general brand awareness.


The challenge for BPA was to effectively showcase its numerous initiatives to enhance British parking safety. To achieve this, they needed compelling design strategies across various online platforms to amplify their campaigns and full social media support.


To address this challenge, we implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy that included organic social media, live social posting at events, and extensive design work.

Social Media:

  • Organic Posting: Regular updates across LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and X (Twitter) to maintain a consistent online presence. These posts consist of a variety of content, including coverage of national events like Parkex, networking events with associates, local government and authorities, public announcements and awards achievements.  
  • Live Posting at Parkex Event: Comprehensive coverage during the three-day sell-out Parkex Event at NEC Birmingham to engage with the audience. As this is the biggest parking event in the UK, it requires constant important updates throughout the three days, including live information from BPA’s event stand, photos and videos of their team, information from the panels and much more. To assist this event, we had a dedicated Marketing Executive working on the account for three days, whilst the team at BPA sent photos for us to post and promote. 


We’ve worked with the BPA for a long time, and have built a strong relationship, and because of this longevity, one of the biggest aspects of work has been the design element. Over the years, we have produced 100’s of different design formats, including: 

  • Flyers and posters for multiple campaigns 
  • Social graphics and templates for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and X (Twitter)
  • Pull up and roller banners for the events BPA exhibit and attend 
  • Brochures and leaflets for both digital and print for potential customers and associates
  • Certificates for awards, campaigns and achievements within and outside of the organisation
  • Logos and branding 
  • Merchandise


  • Increased Engagement:
  • The implementation of social media strategies resulted in heightened audience interaction and engagement.
  • BPA Social Statistics for LinkedIn (as of January 2024)
  • Impressions: 323,497
  • 8.9% engagement rate 
  • 19,067 post clicks 
  • An audience growth of 826
  • Consistent Branding:
  • Design efforts contributed to a uniform and recognisable brand image, fostering trust and recognition among the audience.


By employing these strategies, the British Parking Association successfully enhanced its online presence, generating increased engagement, consistent branding, and improved visibility for its impactful initiatives in the parking and mobility sector.

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