Tungsten Training Centre

Tungsten Training Centre wanted to increase sign-ups for their short and long courses and apprenticeships.

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Web Design & Marketing
Tungsten Training Centre


Tungsten Training Centre provides quality training for the construction industry. They are committed to providing the best possible training and certification experience through courses and apprenticeships in Electrical, Plumbing and Heating, Gas Engineering and Health and safety. 


Tungsten Training Centre wanted to increase sign-ups for their short and long courses and apprenticeships. They sought effective strategies to boost enrollment numbers and enhance their brand awareness around Brighton and Sussex. 


To address their challenge, we implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy that included social media, paid ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google, and email marketing.

  • Social Media Strategy:
  • We took over their social media platforms and implemented consistency with branded social templates and tone of voice. We created a TikTok account after reviewing the apprenticeship audience and highlighting a gap. We saw the content resonated exceptionally well, and below are the stats from just under a year of activity. 
  • Statistics (as of January 2023):
  • Over 270,000 views
  • Over 9,400 likes
  • Over 180 followers

  • Paid Ads and PPC:
  • Utilising the reach of Facebook and Google, we ran targeted paid advertisements. This strategy aimed to capture the attention of potential students and highlight the value of their training programmes.

  • Email Marketing:
  • We created structured email marketing journeys stemming from their ads, monthly newsletters, course-specific discounts, and offerings designed to maintain engagement and encourage enrollment on Mailchimp.

  • New Website:
  • Recognising the importance of a user-friendly platform to showcase their programmes effectively, Tungsten Training Centre underwent a website overhaul. The new website became a comprehensive hub for prospective students to explore and understand the diverse training opportunities.
  • The primary objectives of this project encompass the seamless integration of a new booking system, Dante, with the Tungsten Training Centre website, ensuring that user interaction remains cohesive without redirecting them to external platforms.
  • Improving the accessibility of information stands as another crucial goal, addressing concerns such as low contrast for text to enhance readability, particularly for users with visual impairments.
  • Additionally, a focus was placed on streamlining the site's navigation by decluttering excessive links that previously overflowed onto a second line, contributing to a more organised and visually appealing layout. Establishing a robust design system was also prioritised, aiming to instil consistency in structure, brand colours, and text hierarchy throughout the site facet, which needed to be improved in the previous design.
  • Lastly, enhancing the clarity of Call To Action emerged as a critical goal, ensuring users can quickly identify and engage with CTAs regardless of their position within the website's navigation.


The combined efforts saw significant results for the Tungsten Training Centre.

  • Increased Engagement:
  • The TikTok strategy surpassed expectations, garnering over 270,000 views and creating a substantial online presence. As well as excellent figures across other social platforms, with 693,760 Facebook impressions, 368,769 Instagram impressions, and 9,146 LinkedIn impressions. 
  • Improved Visibility and Sign-ups:
  • Paid ads on Facebook and Google contributed to increased visibility, attracting a larger audience. The engaging content on social media and targeted email marketing efforts translated into an increase in course sign-ups and apprenticeship applications.
  • Enhanced Website Effectiveness:
  • The revamped website became an invaluable tool for potential students, offering a clear and comprehensive overview of Tungsten's training programmes.


The strategic marketing initiatives were pivotal in achieving Tungsten's goal of increasing enrollments and apprenticeships. The success of TikTok showcased the power of innovative content delivery, while paid ads and email marketing maintained consistent engagement. The new website provided the necessary foundation for effectively showcasing their offerings.

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