Zoom Hybrid Estate

We began working with Zoom Hybrid Estate Agents in May 2022 and have provided several services, including a rebrand, website design and full-service marketing activity.

Services Provided:  
Rebrand, Website Design, and Full-Service Marketing
Zoom Hybrid Estate Agents

About Zoom Hybrid Estate Agents

Zoom Hybrid Estate Agents (Zoom) are well-known in Crawley and the surrounding areas for their combined low-fixed fees, exceptional local knowledge and traditional customer service. Founded in 2013 by Michael Robinson and his son Stuart Robinson, they set out to create a new 'hybrid' agency with 40 years of experience combined in buying and selling properties. They are now one of the leading estate agents within Sussex and strive to be a 5-star rated hybrid online estate agency in the South.

The Brief

First and foremost, Zoom wanted to have a complete rebrand. This included changing their name and overhauling the existing brand to give it a new lease of life. They also wanted a new website to keep up with the ever-evolving times in their busy industry, to ensure they remain modern and provide their customers with a sleek and informative website. Lastly, they wanted us to inherit their marketing activity and provide full-service, which includes everything from organic social, paid ads, email marketing, campaign management and strategy. 

The Brand

Zoom used to be called Zoom995, but as they were transitioning into the hybrid space, they wanted a new company name to reflect this, which is where Zoom Hybrid Estate Agent was born. 

Leading with the new and improved company name, our design team had an initial onboarding with Stuart to discuss the look and feel of the new logo. This includes finding out what colours and tones they like, any shapes and icons, and any inspiration they have seen. When we work with our clients on a rebrand project, we present three distinct design options as part of our standard offering, including: 

  1. The conservative route - the design will be a minimal concept and is paired-back.
  2. Middle of the pack - something modern, clean and fresh but perhaps has a fun twist or more playful concept. 
  3. Wild card - something that is entirely different, unique, bold, and fun. Breaking free from any stereotypical designs within their sector. 

Once the logo was signed off, the design team put together brand guidelines and started working on the design collateral, including social graphic templates, social banners, email signatures, flyers, and out-of-home elements. 

Website Design

Once the rebrand was complete, our website team started the website process. Like the rebrand, Stuart wanted the website to be modern, user-friendly, fresh, and, most importantly, welcoming to its customers.

One of the main elements of the new website was ensuring Stuart and his team could easily upload properties onto the site when they came to market. So, our website designer, Dan, who led this project, worked closely with the team and third-party systems such as Stripe to ensure this would run smoothly. 

The new website incorporates the new brand and highlights the chosen colour palette and typography. It also highlights the logo throughout the site using the house as an icon. Most importantly, the new site is clean, fresh, and modern. 

Marketing Activity

With the rebrand and website complete, we then took on the marketing activity for Zoom. We managed the organic social media and posted consistently thrice a week. We also introduced a monthly newsletter on Mailerlite, for which we designed an attractive template. We launched several campaigns, flyer design and distribution, out-of-home marketing, blogs, paid social ads, and press releases. 

Rebrand Social Posts


This was a fantastic project to be involved with as we played a pivotal role in transforming the Zoom brand. When we get to work on all aspects of a project, beginning with creating a new logo, it allows for a natural progression into the strategic marketing of their services.

If you need help in any of these areas in 2024, contact hello@creativepod.net