4 brands with powerful storytelling

Storytelling can often be a hard task for brands. However, in today’s digital age – it’s a quintessential must for brands trying to capture audiences who are ‘short for time’. Below are some of the best and powerful brand storytelling we’ve seen.  

1) Google’s ‘Year in Search’

Google has a fantastic way of engaging with their audience. I mean, it’s a website we all use daily. However, its ‘Year in Search’ videos are released annually and are something that most anticipate.

Using the data acquired over the duration of the year of the most searched terms, Google provides ‘eyes of a nation’ perspective – captivating the attention span of the hardest generation yet.

Check out the campaign here:

2) Always’ #LikeAGirl Campaign

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘you throw like a girl’ or ‘you’re such a girl’ thrown around as though it’s meant to be an insult. Proctor & Gamble’s - Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign reversed the term and turned the phase on its head to empower young women, enforcing a strong and powerful message behind the former infamous phrase.

With young girls having more access to the internet that ever before, it’s easy to become vulnerable, lost, and lose self-confidence in oneself. However, by publicly encouraging young girls that ‘#LikeAGirl’ is anything but weak and establishes a great brand awareness of a company that takes their corporate social responsibility seriously.

Check out the campaign here:

3) Under Armor – ‘Build the Belief’

Under Armor’s ‘Build the Belief’ campaign is one for the ages. Teaming with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, this campaign illustrates the hope, preservation, and motivation one must have to succeed.

Using ‘The Rock’s’ personal struggle as a public interest story and inspiration due to his celebrity status and reach, the 40 second video contains a voiceover from Johnson recounting his younger days when he had a mere saving of seven dollars and didn’t make the quarterback as a profession – to his current day success. The short clip then ends with “When your back is up against the wall, the only way out is to put the work in.”

The campaign promotes ‘chase greatness’ as its mantra. Again, enforcing the notion that greatness is achieved through determination and hard work and is not handed to one.

Check out the campaign here:

4) Samsung’s ‘Do What You Can’t’

Samsung’s ‘Do What You Can’t’ global campaign plans to reverse the term ‘can’t’ on itself using the tone and message, people are born to break barriers and do the impossible throughout the ad.

This is great brand storytelling, as Samsung continues to deliver the message of- continue defying barriers placed on you and continue achieving the not impossible to impossible by showcasing ordinary people showing what they can do.

Ultimately, the success of the campaign provides us with emotional support that we’re only human and failure is part of growth. Thus, should not be our demise and limitation – but the force that drives us to achieve and be you.

Check out the campaign here:

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