Our favourite Mothers Day digital marketing campaigns

Right about now, your customers, friends and family, are beginning to brainstorm creative ways to spoil their mums. It’s not breaking news that Brits love to spoil their mums either. New research revealed just how much we spend on Mother's Day in the UK. This year, it is expected to rise by 0.8% equalling a total of £1.6bn compared to last year's turnover of £1bn. 

Every year, thousands of businesses work endless hours to get a piece of the billions of pounds being spent by developing creative marketing campaigns tailored to Mothers Day. The key question every company asks themselves is, “How do we execute an innovative campaign that will set us apart from our competitors to make sure that our companies advertisement, is the one consumers turn to, to celebrate Mother's Day?”

Here are some of our top Mother’s Day marketing campaigns, that have caught the eye of the Creative Pod team over the past few years.

Brawny, ‘Once a Mother, Always a Giant’, 2017

This excellent advertisement from Brawn Paper Towels took place from the point of view of a toddler. This advert showed children making a total mess and causing trouble. The mum was racing around, stressing to her knees trying her best to save the day for her child. The company filmed the footage with real families which is an excellent and emotive touch from Brawny by connecting with its audience in an honest, relatable way. 

Why it worked:

By featuring real consumers, it maximises the campaigns relatability, rather than it being staged by actors and the message being delivered coming across as forced. Brawny, have tackled and understood its consumers and their daily struggles. 

Stockland, ‘All Those Who Mum’, 2018

This was a heartwarming campaign that celebrated all mums across Australia - traditional mums, step mums, single mums and more. Stockland’s goal was to show that they support diversity and understand that all motherly figures need to be recognised on Mothers Day. 

Why it worked:

Stockland showed support that everyone’s background and upbringing can change from person to person. The core values that “you shouldn’t judge a book by it's cover” shone throughout this campaign. It’s a powerful message that would have touched the hearts of many. More than you think! 

Pandora, ‘My Strong Mother’, 2018

In 2018, Pandora released a short 15-second campaign showing a mother changing the tyre on her car before jumping back in the car with her daughter. The message was “my strong mother” and “celebrate who she is this Mother's Day”. This campaign needed no introduction nor monologue. It simply emphasised the power and strength of a woman. 

Why it worked:

Female empowerment and the fight for gender equality is an important issue. The Pandora campaign spoke on behalf of all of us who aspire to be like a strong female figure in their life. The advert demonstrated that feminism is one of the jewellery brands fundamental core values. Representing these values will gain respect from many consumers and will encourage them to want to support the company. 

Samsung, ‘Texts From Mom’, 2015

This is one of our favourite campaigns from Samsung. It shows users scrolling through typical texts they receive from their mums. The most relatable text was when the mum forgot to turn her upper case lock off her text. “CAN YOU TALK … (why are you shouting?) … I’M NOT CAN YOU HEAR ME???”, this conversation was an award-worthy standout that I think all of us can relate to receiving at some point. 

Why it worked:

Samsung crafted an excellent campaign using humour to create an advertisement that gave the audience a “we’ve all been there” reaction. Samsung played its cards shrewdly by keeping the Samsung logo at the centre of attention, so brand recognition was high. They did this in a way that the product didn’t come across too pushy, but instead, a light-hearted reminder to consumers to remember the Samsung brand. 


All of the above campaigns show that becoming a mother isn’t always as straightforward as it looks. You never travel light, sleep becomes elusive, your time is your own and the many other surprises motherhood springs upon you. It’s filled with twists and turns and the way people celebrate Mothers Day should be equally unique. Marketing campaigns that develop creative ways to drive home this message are those most likely to succeed.

If you would like to outsource your marketing activity and learn about campaign management, please contact Creative Pod. 

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