Future Oceans Foundation

Future Oceans Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the future of our oceans. This project involved designing and building a new website and creating brand guidelines.

Services Provided:  
Web Design, Branding, Social Media
Future Oceans Foundation


Future Oceans Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the future of our oceans. Future Ocean’s CiC creates ideas and actions to add resilience to current coral reefs and underwater habitats, helping to regenerate where there is depletion and to be a recognised conduit in connecting all concerned entities to achieve the goals set out by global leaders. 

Corporations, education entities and local communities can benefit from Future Oceans Foundations in several ways. Including but not limited to: 

  • Increased awareness 
  • Understanding and improved implementation of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) responsibilities
  • Greater involvement opportunities for staff and directors to improve well-being amongst employees in helping to improve the marine environment through site participation or via education modules and integration at a management level
  • Assisting Government organisations to establish designated Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), providing technical assistance for managing marine biodiversity in local and global communities.


Having previously worked with the UK’s largest sustainable Coral provider, The Coral Centre, we already had plenty of experience working with members of the wonderful team at Future Oceans Foundation. In early 2023, Future Oceans Foundation approached us with its aims and objectives to see how we could help. As part of this first phase of our journey together, we planned to work on brand guidelines and design and build a new website to establish a platform for the Future Oceans Foundation. 

With that in mind, we agreed the following brief:

  • Design a new logo, brand, look and feel
  • Create a website that reflects the nature/ethos of Future Oceans Foundation
  • Generate ESG by informing potential investors and partners about their work
  • Link and inform schools about how they can bring education framework into the curriculum while educating children about the importance of ocean conservation and research

Solutions and Results


Our first priority was to establish consistent, clear and professional branding that reflected the personality of Future Oceans Foundation. This involved creating a logo, mascot and fonts for physical and digital content. The established branding has enabled Future Oceans Foundation to set up social media channels, merchandising opportunities and a new website. There were plenty of ideas involved in the branding phase of the project as we wanted to create something that resonated with the client, that was modern, and versatile all whilst sporting a professional feel to tie in with the importance of their work.

Naturally, dealing with an ocean-related organisation, we wanted to evoke that with the branding, using an aesthetically pleasing main logo with a colour palette to match. After presenting three different logo and branding options, we created something the Future Oceans Foundation team loved. What do you think of their branding? 


When the branding was finalised, we could liaise with Future Oceans Foundation to work on a new website. This included both the design and the written copy throughout the website. We aimed to make the content on the website short and sweet whilst being scannable and informative. We had to ensure that it was engaging to be both educational and covered elements of ESG. Utilising the fun and modern branding but ensuring a professional tone was established throughout to especially appeal to potential investors and funders. 

There were several brainstorming sessions to get these points ticked off. While analysing inspiration, we found something that worked for the client. We’ve been able to give the website a truly unique and interactive feel that checks all the boxes we were aiming for. The website evokes a professional tone, but plastered throughout the site are fun details and easter eggs to give it a playful feel. From the hero section to the navigation throughout the site, the website's structure is truly unique to Future Oceans Foundation. 

For example, it was vital to create a ‘News’ section as this would form the foundation of a central location for the Future Oceans Foundation team to post informative research, topical news and other content that is relevant to their mission. In the ‘Education’ section of the website, we have implemented a live feed of the CoralPodTM to give the viewer an idea of some of the incredible work Future Oceans Foundation can implement for educational organisations. One of our personal favourite sections of the website is the ‘ESG’ section, where we have an interactive representation of the vision of Future Oceans Foundation. This innovative display sums up the project really well. An important mission for the wellbeing of our planet whilst also showing a playful nature and attitude we can all have in a bid to save our oceans. 

Please check out some screenshots of the project from the branding all the way through the successful launch of the website in February 2024. To learn more about Future Oceans Foundation, please visit: https://www.futureoceansfoundation.com/


New Branding:

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