The Starr Trust

Branding and website revamp to stand out from their competitors.

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Web Design and Branding
The Starr Trust


The Starr Trust is an independent, family-run charity whose mission is to remove roadblocks for young people and help them succeed and thrive in whatever they put their minds to. They do this through community fundraising, events and donations from generous companies and individuals.


The Starr Trust approached us for a re-brand and website refresh, as they were trying to reach a new demographic. Originally being a young children's charity, they were looking to work more with older children and teens, so they wanted their brand to reflect this and appeal to an older demographic. We have worked with and supported the Starr Trust for years, often attending events in Sussex where the Starr Trust was the charity sponsor, and through these networking events, we had already gained an understanding of the sort of thing they might want.

Solutions and Results


We started with an initial brainstorming session with our marketing and design team, our CEO, Matt, and Rob Starr, the Co-founder of Starr Trust. In this session, we discussed the charity's key objectives and suggested some ideas based on their goals. From there, our designers went away and turned these ideas into a range of logos to present back. 

We focused on incorporating the star, which is a key part of their image and making the overall design more organic, by incorporating softer curves and angles. It was important to the charity to stick with its primary colours of red, gold and blue, but we played around with the hues to update it, giving a more modern, fresh look that appeals to their older target demographic.




Once the rebranding project was complete, we then moved on to the website design, build and launch. With this in mind, the web team created a modern, streamlined website for The Starr Trust. In the brief, the client wanted a site that was easy to use and showcased all of the wonderful work that they do for young people in the charity sector. We did this by amending the website copy, helping The Starr Trust improve their keywords which resulted in a better site ranking. The site navigation was a key element when remapping the website, allowing for a more user-friendly experience, including making the menu system easy to follow once you reach the site and reducing how many clicks it takes to reach your destination. To further improve how easy the website was to use, we ensured to optimise it for a mobile audience.  

As the branding was already signed off at this stage, our team were able to implement the new designs throughout the site, to portray a cohesive reflection of the business. This included adding branded animations throughout to encourage audiences to stay engaged and explore the website further.

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