10 taglines that stand the test of time… or do they?

October 24, 2018

Choosing a tagline for your brand can be tricky. Short and snappy, a great tagline needs to have clarity, creativity, and most importantly be recognisable and memorable as belonging to your brand. Not as easy as you’d think! But the chances are when you think of some of your favourite brands, products, or establishments, you’re not only thinking of the name, you’re thinking of their tagline – at least you are, if they’re doing it right (and in some cases, should they have a catchy jingle, you’re singing along to it too!).


So, taglines. Tricky stuff to get right. To put it to the test, we gathered our team together and gave them a list of some of the most famous taglines around. How do you think they fared?

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Have It Your Way

Answer: Burger King

How many people got it right: 1 out of 5

Coined in the 1970s, Burger King’s ‘Have it your way’ was the burger chain’s slogan for over forty years until undergoing a small rebrand in 2014 to a new tagline, ‘Be your way’. According to Burger King, their new tagline is intended to remind customers to live how they want at all times, and to celebrate their self-expression. Unfortunately, the burger chain’s forty-year slogan did not prove to be very memorable with our team at all, with only one of the five tested getting the right answer!

Source: acecolumns.info

The Best A Man Can Get

Answer: Gillette

How many people got it right: 4 out of 5

The Best A Man Can Get slogan was first shown to the world back in 1989, with Gillette also having gone through some tagline tweaks over the years to continue celebrating the ‘modern man’. By and large though, they’ve mainly stayed true to their classic tagline, which is perhaps why our team were able to quite easily identify this one!

Source: howgreatmarketingworks.com

Probably The Best Beer In The World

Answer: Carlsberg

How many people got it right: 3 out of 5

Created in the 1970s, Carlsberg’s campaign has a strong presence in the advertising world, with this slogan not only standing the test of time but circulating further into internet ‘meme’ culture too. Drinking habits aside, we anticipated this would be one of the easier ones for our quiz team to answer, but in fact only three out of five tested answered this one correctly!

Source: makeupview.co

The Make-Up of Make-Up Artists

Answer: Max Factor

How many people got it right: 3 out of 5

This tagline from Max Factor, which has been featured on their commercials for many years now, proudly boasts their product being of such a high calibre it’s the make-up of make-up artists themselves. Perhaps not quite as memorable as other make-up brands on the market however, as only three out of five of our team got this one correct. That said, we did have one person guess the similarly named make-up brand Mac, suggesting the answer lingered in the back of their minds somewhere– but clearly not quite enough to guess it correctly!

Source: camerontoll.co.uk

Live Well For Less

How many people got it right: 3 out of 5

Since its first opening back in 1882, Sainsbury’s has gone through a number of different slogans, grappling with the idea of quality vs value and how exactly to convey that effectively. Introducing their ‘Live well for less’ tagline in 2011, this tagline hits a happy medium suggesting high quality at a reasonable price. Although, it looks like our team might more of aTesco bunch by the looks of the results…

Source: emotionalseo.com

What's The Worst That Could Happen?

How many people got it right: 2 out of 5

Surprisingly only two of our subjects got this one right, but once the answers were revealed most of our team did have a “a-ha!” moment, and immediately recognised the jingle (which we’ll now be singing for the rest of the day). Dr Pepper featured the iconic question in many versions of their classic commercials, which were then followed by something comically unfortunate happening shortly after the words were spoken.

Source: brandsoftheworld.com

Maybe She's Born With It

How many people got it right: 5 out of 5

Maybe its Maybelline! This one finishes itself really, doesn’t it? At least, that’s what the results of our quiz would suggest – with all our team getting this one right! This signature slogan from Maybelline was first adopted in 1991, and has continued to be very successful for the make-up brand, with it still being used today.

Source: o2werebetterconnected.wordpress.com

We're Better, Connected

How many people got it right: 1 out of 5

This slogan for O2 was first coined for the brand by an agency back in 2008, and signifies the brand’s values that a connected world is a better world. While only one of our team correctly guessed this one, interestingly everyone did recognise it as belonging to either a
mobile phone or internet provider, so they were in the right ballpark.

Source: jenniexue.com

It's So Good, I Put My Name On It!

How many people got it right: 2 out of 5

Originally introduced back in 1994, this distinctive slogan featured in a number of television adverts starring the man himself. We thought the unique personality of this one would make this an easy one to guess, but only two of those tested got it correct! Did you get it right? And if you did - admit it, you read it in the voice, didn’t you?

Source: campaignlive.co.uk

How Do You Eat Yours?

How many people got it right: 1 out of 5

This was one of the trickier ones! A Cadbury’s Crème Egg, it’s the thing we all look forward to at Easter (in addition to all the other chocolate consumed, of course). This slogan was first trademarked in 1998, and since then has re-visited us every Easter. But the real important question here is… how do you eat yours?

If you want to let us know how you eat yours, then speak to us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn! And if you’re feeling inspired and want to talk to us about a brand makeover, get in touch with us on hello@creativepod.net.

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