3 of the most creative Halloween inspired marketing campaigns from 2017

In the UK last year, we spent a whopping £320 million on Halloween. While that amount of money might make your eyes water at the sheer thought, corporations often spend in the millions on their marketing campaigns each year, and Halloween can be a great way to liven up your marketing and have some fun with your audience (plus, free sweets and chocolates always go down well in our books). Take a look at these three clever and creative Halloween marketing campaigns from 2017, and get inspired!



Last year Topshop turned Oxford Circus Upside Down by hosting a Stranger Things pop-up in their flagship store. Customers were very much treated to this immersive event which saw them wander the corridors of Hawkins High, gaze at the flickering lights of the Byers living room, and pop into Will’s hideaway, Castle Byers (just in case you fancied listening to ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ on repeat in the middle of your shopping trip). The store’s shopfront was also taken over by Hawkins Lab, and was launched to promote the brands limited-edition Stranger Things merchandise.

Burger King

In the spirit of Halloween (and harmless rivalry), last year saw Burger King take inspiration from their well-known competitor to offer their customers a free Whopper burger – but only if they turned up to the store in a clown costume. The 90 second nightmare-fuelled advert, which features a clown cycling down a dark street towards a Burger King outlet, is a great example of digital marketing done right, complete with the tagline: “come as a clown, eat like a king”. You’re up, McDonalds.

Svedka Vodka


In 2017, Svedka Vodka cleverly used retargeting to put a frightful spin on their Halloween campaign. The campaign, which featured a video that ‘cursed’ the viewer, went on to then stalk the person with a number of retargeted ads with messages such as “you shouldn’t be up this late” and “on your phone, calling for help?”. To break the creepy curse, the ‘infected’ had to share an article with their friends so they could pass on the curse to them instead. Clever stuff!

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