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A recap of BrightonSEO April 2019: Podcasts

Last month, our Marketing Executive, Charlotte, and Junior Marketing Executive, Danielle, attended BrightonSEO for a full day of talks, learning, and note-taking – with plenty of tea and coffee to keep them fuelled throughout the day!

To make the most of the day, Charlotte and Danielle split up to cover as much ground as possible to feed back to the team on Monday morning, attending talks from some the leading experts in PPC, Content Marketing, Client Success, PR, and more.

Read on to find out what they learnt!


Podcasts are quickly becoming the next big thing with podcast listening booming in the UK. Ofcom has reported that each week around six million adults tune in to a podcast with figures nearly doubling in the last five years. The biggest increase comes from 15-24 year olds with 18.7% of the age bracket now listening to a podcast weekly.

This audience is used to content on demand and with 660,000 podcasts to choose from (as of March 2019), there is lots of content for them to enjoy. But with 93% of podcasts dying before their seventh episode, how can you ensure your podcast stands the test of time? Corinne Card, co-founder of Full Story Media, gave us a list of ways to help your podcast survive:

Start with a mission – why should people listen to your podcast and what will make them come back over and over again? Pick a theme so that the audience knows what to expect e.g. millennial matters.

Have a clever name – use SEO techniques to find out a name that will work for your audience. Check for the name or a similar podcast on Listen Notes

Make sure you have exciting interviews. It’s all well and good the host being authoritative and knowledgeable, but interviewees will add that extra something to your podcast and keep people tuning it to hear from new people each time.

Ensure your podcast has a solid intro – the first 30 seconds are the most important. You can get free music online, such as from YouTube’s audio library, which will make your podcast more audibly appealing .

Build relationships and get to know your audience. Post bite-sized best bits of content and information on social media to entice people to listen. Social media is a great place to engage with your audience and find out what they want to hear and who they want to listen to. Feedback from your audience is very important so you can tailor content to their needs.

Find your niche, you can’t appeal to everyone!

Deadlines are critical, have a consistent time of when you share your podcasts to keep your audience interested.

With that being said, it’s always quality over quantity. It’s better to have one outstanding podcast a month than four a month that aren’t exciting and once someone has heard one or two, they won’t want to hear the others. You can build up your number over time as the audience and demand builds.

Speak on another podcast to get interest going for yours. If you can speak on a podcast featuring a topic that supplements your offering instead of competing with it, you’re likely to appeal to the audience and get them on board.

When you are ready to launch your podcasts and have all your tools under your belt, just be mindful of the time of year and what will resonate with avid podcast audiences. Business related podcasts tend to work when launched at the start or end of the year, whereas TV and movie content works well in the summer. Good luck!

Check back next week when we'll be discussing some more highlights from BrightonSEO, including PPC, PR and Video Content!

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