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February 12, 2024

February is known as a month dedicated to and all about love, with Valentine’s Day on the 14th being the epitome of that. So, in the spirit of the month, we decided to look back at some new and old marketing campaigns that the Creative Pod team love. 

Inter Milan and Paramount + 

When it comes to sports advertising, many companies get it wrong. Whether they overcomplicate it or simply don’t understand the audience, it’s not always that a marketing campaign goes to plan involving a sports team. However, in late 2023, Inter Milan partnered with Paramount + to promote Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. 

They created a limited-edition match shirt with the famous Transformers logo and worked with Inter Milan to donate some of the match worn shirts to children admitted to paediatric wards across Milan. Fans were also involved by being able to participate in auctions to win a selection of the match worn shirts. With all proceeds donated to charity. This campaign generated an incredible amount of buzz on social media, with fans applauding the initiative, the design of the shirt and the charity aspect. Incredible work from all involved! 

Lautaro Martinez with Bumblebee and Optimus Prime at a sold out San Siro with over 70,000 in attendance. Credit:

Chilly’s - Reusable Bottles

On World Refill Day (June 16), 2022, Chilly’s, a reusable product maker, teamed up with an environmental charity, City to Sea, in a bid to get big water brands to get rid of their plastic bottles and turn to reusable materials. They targeted companies such as Evian and Buxton to make them aware of their responsibility to the wellbeing of our planet. 

Chilly’s vans with this messaging travelled near the HQ of these companies in a bid to show them how reusable bottles could be of benefit to everyone. They also displayed several billboards across London with the message that Chilly’s wanted to help these larger companies solve the plastic bottle issue. By showing this level of activity, including writing open letters to the world’s five biggest plastic polluters, Chilly’s definitely shook the world with its strong but critically important message! For reference: The Drum.

Hiscox & Uncommon - The Most Disastrous Campaign Ever

Hiscox Public Liability Insurance undertook a nationwide campaign with a playful twist on an otherwise, less fun industry. The campaign focused on stories and realities that small business owners face, whilst adding some tongue in cheek to the scenarios, highlighting the importance of having public liability insurance.

They purposely terribly executed aspects of the campaign, from mis-sized text to a muddy billboard to add humour to their campaign. Their campaign got many people talking online, with many enthusiastically ready to correct their spelling mistakes! For many a dull subject, Hiscox and Uncommon successfully added some life to this successful campaign, which we really enjoyed! Here’s an example of their out-of-home marketing: 

Credit - Uncommon.

Old Spice - "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like"

One of the oldest campaigns on our list, Old Spice launched the now famous campaign in 2010. Typically, Old Spice had fallen down the pecking order of men’s grooming products, but this series of adverts promoting their products in a humorous and charismatic way prompted them to succeed.

Their adverts went viral on social media and mainstream media, too. One of their adverts has 40 million views on YouTube alone. It is safe to say that these adverts increased sales but also brought the Old Spice name into the spotlight for a new, younger audience. A unique way of advertising men’s grooming products in a funny tone has worked perfectly for Old Spice! 

ALS - #IceBucketChallenge

A slightly different one to round off our list, who remembers the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Not your typical marketing campaign, the Ice Bucket Challenge was introduced by three men in the United States to raise awareness for ALS. What started with a small video and challenge took over the world in 2014. 

In the U.S. alone, $100 million was raised. It is reported that 17 million people participated in the challenge. Research for a cure for ALS was significantly accelerated, and it reached celebrities who, to this day, support ALS charities. An incredible campaign that illustrates the impact of social media, even surpassing all expectations! 

Those are just five of the many campaigns we love and could think of! We’re keen to hear from you. What makes a marketing campaign successful? Let us know your thoughts. For all your marketing needs, we’re here to help. Let’s make a great campaign together,

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