Meet The Team/Welcome Back: Sadie Chillingworth

In our latest blog, we are thrilled to announce Creative Pod’s newest team member and welcome back, the lovely Sadie! Who has joined (or should we say returned!) to the team as a Marketing Executive. We sat down with her to find out a little bit more about how she's found working with us so far and what it’s like to be back

How are you finding working as part of The Creative Group so far?

I already feel settled at The Creative Group - everyone’s really friendly and I’m enjoying getting stuck into my role. I’ve joined just before Christmas, so I look forward to getting to know the team moreover festive nights out!

What’s your background?

I’ve previously completed a two-week internship at The Creative Group back in September 2017. Since this, I’ve worked as a travel consultant and then moved into a Marketing Executive position at a PPC agency. But during my two weeks internship, I knew Creative Pod was a company I wanted to work at and my path has led me back here!

Has it changed much since your work experience?

Massively! Not only has The Creative Group grown as a company, in both client size and company growth, they have also recently moved to a new and larger office. The team network is still the same though - welcoming and a great atmosphere!

Tell us something random about you?

I lived in New Zealand for a year and experienced how the kiwi’s lived!

Who are your biggest influences?

My mum and sister have always been my biggest influences - together we support each other in everything we do.

What is your favourite quote?

Not to be greedy but I have two favourite quotes:

“Every moment you spend dwelling is a moment you lost smiling!”

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever” Walt Disney.

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