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Olaplex's Newest Campaign

In the competitive world of hair care, Olaplex has long held the crown as the best hair-transforming formula. Known for its patented technology and bond-repairing qualities, Olaplex has garnered a reputation that sets it apart from the rest. However, a new trend is shaking up the beauty industry – the rise of "dupes." These copycat products claim to replicate the same effects as Olaplex's products at a fraction of the price. Olaplex knows that their product’s popularity amongst the beauty community is due to the effectiveness of their haircare range, and on the 25th of September, they decided to join the narrative of dupe culture. The dupe we’re focussing on that sent the internet into a frenzy is "Oladupè." But there’s a plot twist. Oladupe isn't what it seems.

The Duping Dilemma

The popularity of Olaplex has been undeniable, and many have tried to replicate its formula in the form of cheaper alternatives, often referred to as "dupes." These dupes promise similar results to Olaplex but at a significantly lower cost. Understandably, consumers have been tempted by these enticing offers, leading to a wave of dupes flooding the market.

Following the release of the new product, Oladupè N°160, social media influencers and beauty enthusiasts were excited to test it, posting unboxing and trying-it-out videos. Many influencers shared their experiences, praising Oladupè for its seemingly miraculous hair-transforming abilities while claiming it's as good as Olaplex. 

Following the online praise, naturally, curious consumers clicked on Oladupè's website, eager to buy the product and try it themselves. After searching online, and clicking on Oladupè’s website, they were met with an unexpected message: "YOU GOT DUPED!" It turns out that Oladupè was never a legitimate product; it was a creation of Olaplex itself, designed to teach us all a valuable lesson about the power of marketing trends and the importance of authenticity in the beauty industry.

The Revelation

Rather than leading customers down a false path, Olaplex had a plan. Upon receiving the "YOU GOT DUPED!" message, and learning that Oladupè is actually Olaplex’s N°3 best seller in different packaging, the first 160 website visitors were redirected to the genuine Olaplex website and promised a free bottle of the authentic product, and later visitors were shown the message that they could use the code ‘UNDUPABLE’ at checkout and receive 20% off. The message conveyed a powerful truth: Olaplex's formula is patented and unparalleled, making it impossible for any dupes to replicate its results. 

Olaplex enlisted the influencers to promote Oladupè to increase awareness of this hidden marketing campaign, and when the secret came out, these influencers revealed they knew all along and removed the fake sticker on the bottle, showing it be the holy-grail product, Olaplex N°3.

Why Did Olaplex Do This?

The Oladupè campaign by Olaplex is a powerful reminder that authenticity in marketing matters. While the allure of budget-friendly alternatives can be tempting, the proof is in the pudding – or, in this case, the patented formula. Olaplex's commitment to innovation and quality is unrivalled, and its campaign has shown that trying to cut corners with "dupes" may not always lead to the results you want. In fact, naming the product Oladupè N°160 is also thought through, as it refers to the 160 different patents Olaplex has on its products, proving that no dupe can ever match the real thing.

Olaplex understands its market, as all companies should. Due to the rise of dupe culture, there are over 150 million TikTok searches for #olaplexdupe, which shows that the company has researched the current industry trends, and created this campaign as it is relevant to their consumer's interests. Olaplex took advantage of the virality behind dupes, and in doing so, created the ultimate dupe.

Olaplex's Oladupè marketing campaign is genius in highlighting internet trends and proving authenticity comes first. As consumers, it's essential to be discerning and choose products that deliver genuine results, even if they come at a higher price point. This campaign has got everyone talking about Olaplex, which will ultimately lead to them acquiring more customers and increasing their sales and brand awareness. Very clever, if you ask us!

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