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TikTok Platform Updates: A Guide for Businesses on TikTok

TikTok continues to roll out new features and updates designed to enhance the user experience and empower creators. We’re sharing the latest TikTok platform updates you should know about:

Tracking Viewer Engagement

You can gain deeper insights into how viewers interact with your content. TikTok has introduced a feature that allows you to see at which point viewers are swiping past your videos. By clicking on the video, accessing "More Insights," and navigating to ‘Engagement’ to ‘View Details’, you can gain valuable insights on viewer behaviour, helping refine your content strategy.

Testing 30-Minute Videos

In a departure from its traditional short-form content model, TikTok is currently testing longer video formats, allowing creators to upload videos up to 30 minutes in length. TikTok encourages creators to explore longer-form content, recognising its potential to foster deeper connections with followers and strengthen brand identity. By prioritising content over one minute, TikTok aims to empower creators to share more immersive experiences, hold viewers' attention for longer durations, and cultivate loyal communities.

Trending Vocabulary

In addition to trending sounds, TikTok is now highlighting trending vocabulary to boost content discovery and engagement. Phrases like "Un Get Ready with me" and "De-Influence" are gaining popularity, and you can leverage these trends to enhance the visibility and impact of your content.

Lead Forms on Profiles

TikTok has introduced a new feature that enables you to add lead forms to your profile. This allows you to collect valuable customer data directly from your audience. You can customise the lead forms, selecting objectives such as name, phone number, email, or location and adding introductory messages to incentivise users to provide their details.

Automated Message Replies

To streamline communication with your audience, TikTok accounts now have the option to set up automated message replies for direct messages. This includes welcome messages to greet users who message you, as well as keyword auto-replies to respond to specific inquiries or comments. Additionally, you can display suggested FAQs to address common queries.

These latest updates from TikTok offer exciting opportunities for accounts to elevate their presence on the platform, engage with their audience in more meaningful ways, and drive results for their brands. If you want to start a TikTok account that reaches your audience, get in touch with Creative Pod to learn more.

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